Instead of watching a movie… I did this

Do you ever have those days where you say to yourself, “I think it’s time we show ah face at the local theatah.” Obviously you’d have a British accent, right? Sunday was one of those days because my fantasy team was tanking. Plus, Sunday Night Football was the Cowboys versus the Saints #whodatwhocares. But the moreContinue reading “Instead of watching a movie… I did this”

10 signs you’re ready for a beach vacay

Hawaiian shirt Friday is preceded by Hawaiian shirt Monday through Thursday. You take naps in a hammock. In your neighbor’s yard. When you hold a piece of paper, you can’t tell where your hand ends and the paper begins. Yes, you’re that pale. It’s still colder outside your house than inside your refrigerator. You referContinue reading “10 signs you’re ready for a beach vacay”

Sports, and Why Guys Like Them

Football. Baseball. Hockey. Basketball. Tennis. Soccer. Nascar. What do these sports have in common? There must be a winner. Of all the rules in all of sports (and let’s face it, in some sports there are way too many rules (yes I’m talking to you NFL)), requiring a winner is the single most attractive thingContinue reading “Sports, and Why Guys Like Them”