Soaking up the rain and the sun… all in a weekend

Yesterday and today could not be more different. Both amazing in ways I made a point to appreciate. Saturday was rainy and cool. I love running in the rain so I took my running dog Asia to Percy Warner Park in west Nashville. Lots of slipping and sliding (me) and chasing squirrels (her) but we finished the 4.5 mile run safely and exhausted. It was everything I hoped it would be!20150314_175713 20150314_175728 20150314_175738 20150314_175807 20150314_175814 20150314_175827 20150314_175843 20150314_180047 20150314_180106 20150314_180112 20150314_180134Sunday, no clouds. Heat. Cool breeze. Piper’s favorite kind of weather. Mine, too. So we both soaked it in and got some vitamin D in the process. It was everything I hoped it would be!20150315_131313 20150315_135811 20150315_135959 20150315_140140 20150315_140231 20150315_140244 20150315_140308

20150315_140334-Out of the Wilderness

It Must Be Fall

I haven’t fired up the space heater since early 2013 but it’s time. And guess who was super excited? My beagle Piper. Since she was a puppy, she’s loved sitting by the heater on chilly nights. Don’t believe me? Take a look!

Jogging A Week After the Boston Marathon Bombing

I knew there was going to be a moment of silence today at 1:50pm (Central time) and I very much wanted to be a part of it. So during my lunch break I left the office to jog through downtown Nashville. I love afternoon jogs in the spring because I don’t have to wear layers of clothing, there are lots of people outdoors enjoying the elements, and I have time to think. Most of my thoughts today were consumed by a pretty girl in Franklin, Tennessee, but a couple of other thoughts stood out as well. One: I relate more to Taylor Swift than Carrie Underwood. At least, their songs. Whatever, that’s neither here nor there. The second thought occurred at the worst time, right when I was most exhausted. The cinnamon challenge. The teenage fad is this; trying to eat a spoonful of cinnamon as fast as possible. Evidently, it’s very difficult due to the nature of cinnamon. So as I was gasping for air near the end of my run, I thought about a spoonful of cinnamon which didn’t help me at all.

But then at 1:50pm all that was history. I stopped in my tracks and for 1 minute, I stood in place and prayed for all the people affected by the Boston bombing, especially the ones that lost someone they love. So because the three that died can no longer run, and quite a few others are probably in that same boat now, I didn’t run. For a whole minute. Then at 1:51pm I took off. Call it my little way of pausing to honor those who’ve suffered followed up by running hard to honor those who’ve suffered.

Animal Tracks in Snow

Below are a few animal tracks I came across north of Cincinnati, Ohio. With a good amount of snow, it was nice to be able to see these even hours after the animals passed through. There’s one set of tracks that I can’t identify. If you know what it is, feel free to respond below!

I Gave the Best One Away

It was your favorite record. The last bite of lasagna. Or 3 years of your life. You gave it to her and don’t regret it for a second. Though the relationship didn’t last, you aren’t burned out on giving the best you have to the person you love because when it’s all boiled down, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Maybe it didn’t work out because she wasn’t doing the same for you. Maybe she isn’t the dream girl you remember her being or maybe you messed up and lost her. But don’t mess up by treating your future relationships with a cynical attitude. Because the next one may be the reason all the past ones are the past ones.

It was a normal, typical, forgettable day when I started looking for a stamp to mail my water bill. I came across a silly little Disney Vinylmation figurine that reminded me of a girl I once dated. You see, there were 2 figurines when I first returned from a summer trip to Disney World in Florida. I bought one for me and one for her. With the collection of these designer figurines, Disney was creating some mystery by selling them without the buyer knowing which one they were getting (they were packed in a black cardboard box). In theory (and a whole bunch of spending later), you could own the whole set! Go you!

After we opened them up, there was clearly a “cool” one and clearly an “ugly” one. I knew which one she wanted so I kept… this one: Yeah, clearly the lamest. But I didn’t care. I wanted her to have the best one. Do I regret keeping this one? Ehhh, maybe. Do I regret selling it online? No way. Hey, I’m sure somebody wants it (and if that somebody is you, eBay).

I never found the stamps but in a moment of nostalgia, I found out that whether it was gifts, time, or revealing the deeper things in my heart, I don’t regret anything I gave that girl and I don’t regret our relationship ending, either. That was meant to be, and giving the best of who I am is what I’m meant to do. My creativity, my time, my trust, what I cherish the most which could be my family, my dogs, keys to my house, or telling someone something no one else knows, I’ll give it all away.

I won’t stop giving my best to whoever I’m dating at the time. Because that girl may turn into my girlfriend. She may turn into my wife. She may turn into the mom of my kids and a grandma to their kids. And one day as we’re looking through old photos of our family, I’ll realize somewhere along the line as I was giving her the best I had to offer, we actually gave the world the best we had to offer… and we’re looking at pictures that prove it.