Nap time

The pups took a break from playing outside and Piper found the second softest spot to rest. I guess we should thank Ikea for their soft computer cases!




Soaking up the rain and the sun… all in a weekend

Yesterday and today could not be more different. Both amazing in ways I made a point to appreciate. Saturday was rainy and cool. I love running in the rain so I took my running dog Asia to Percy Warner Park in west Nashville. Lots of slipping and sliding (me) and chasing squirrels (her) but we finished the 4.5 mile run safely and exhausted. It was everything I hoped it would be!20150314_175713 20150314_175728 20150314_175738 20150314_175807 20150314_175814 20150314_175827 20150314_175843 20150314_180047 20150314_180106 20150314_180112 20150314_180134Sunday, no clouds. Heat. Cool breeze. Piper’s favorite kind of weather. Mine, too. So we both soaked it in and got some vitamin D in the process. It was everything I hoped it would be!20150315_131313 20150315_135811 20150315_135959 20150315_140140 20150315_140231 20150315_140244 20150315_140308

20150315_140334-Out of the Wilderness

My memory is a bit fuzzy

This must be what if feels like to be a parent. Every day when I’m at work I miss my dogs terribly. And it’s not like when I’m here at home with them we do anything extremely memorable, although that does happen. We’ll go on walks, ride over to the dog park, play in the back yard. My favorite moments, though, are rarely any of those. Sitting by the little space heater. All sleeping on the mattress in their room. Making up nicknames and singing them loudly. How they rush to the kitchen when they hear me open the peanut butter jar. Piper plopping down so I can scratch her stomach. Asia standing inches away from my face for minutes on end, waiting for me to engage. I’ll take them on walks, we’ll go dog parking, sure. But it’s the little moments doing nothing in particular that create these fuzzy, or furry, memories in my mind.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10