Off the beaten path

I took the dogs out to a beautiful Nashville greenway and they loved it, of course. One of our favorite things is to venture off the course. Take a look at our adventure below. wpid-img_20150803_164851185.jpgI do wear a fanny pack full of dog treats and water. Hey, judge me if you want, or better yet… buy me one of these!
wpid-img_20150803_164826532.jpgWe ventured into a nearby creek.
wpid-img_20150803_165031200.jpg wpid-img_20150803_165220655.jpg wpid-img_20150803_165705711.jpg wpid-img_20150803_164757368.jpg
wpid-img_20150803_165252067.jpg wpid-img_20150803_170004473.jpg wpid-img_20150803_165702901.jpg wpid-img_20150803_165225325.jpg-Out of the Wilderness

Soaking up the rain and the sun… all in a weekend

Yesterday and today could not be more different. Both amazing in ways I made a point to appreciate. Saturday was rainy and cool. I love running in the rain so I took my running dog Asia to Percy Warner Park in west Nashville. Lots of slipping and sliding (me) and chasing squirrels (her) but we finished the 4.5 mile run safely and exhausted. It was everything I hoped it would be!20150314_175713 20150314_175728 20150314_175738 20150314_175807 20150314_175814 20150314_175827 20150314_175843 20150314_180047 20150314_180106 20150314_180112 20150314_180134Sunday, no clouds. Heat. Cool breeze. Piper’s favorite kind of weather. Mine, too. So we both soaked it in and got some vitamin D in the process. It was everything I hoped it would be!20150315_131313 20150315_135811 20150315_135959 20150315_140140 20150315_140231 20150315_140244 20150315_140308

20150315_140334-Out of the Wilderness

Festive Dog Sweaters

Remember the days when your parents used to dress you? OK, I don’t either but as the parent of 2 dogs, I’ve taken it upon myself to  put clothes on them whether they like it or not. “I’m your father,” I say when they give me those sad puppy eyes, literally. “You will put this Christmas sweater on. Oh, and smile when your grandparents get here! They drove a long way to see you guys.”

Thanks to my buddy at work who doesn’t have a dog (yet!) for this beautiful sweater that I’m sure my dogs will never chew up or avoid. I mean, take a look, they’re nothing if not thrilled to be wearing such a warm and festive sweater!

Santa, I tried being good...
Santa, I tried being good…
...but I got bored.
…but I got bored.

Mother’s Day 2012

No mothers live in my house. Just me and my two girls. They won’t ever know how it feels to be a mom, and neither will I. So we can agree that Mother’s Day will never be special for us. We may turn on Hitch and just let the rainy day pass like any other. But as the minutes and hours go by, I’ll remind them that somewhere there’s a beagle wondering if her little girl grew up to fit her big ears. There’s a blue heeler wondering if her pup still has crazy blue eyes. And I’m reminded that there’s a mom in Florida wondering if her baby in Tennessee is alright today. Yes, mama beagle, she grew up to fit her big ears. Mrs. Blue Heeler, she’s still got her icy blue eyes. And Mom, I’m doing alright. Thanks for loving me so well for 33 years.

Happy Mother’s Day.