Leave a dog alone with treats and this happens…

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. So I’m about to include 3,000 words that I can’t really explain anyway, even if I tried! My goodness gracious if you have a beagle, hound, or any type of food-driven dog, this might be you next. No, she wasn’t trying to be the firstContinue reading “Leave a dog alone with treats and this happens…”

Pop up pup pics – a photo session with a few doggos

I didn’t plan on taking pictures of the family pups but my niece was outside doing flips and hand-stands and all sorts of acrobatic tricks so I got my camera. Sure, I took pictures of her, but I also got a lot of dog pictures because, I mean, how can you resist such cute faces,Continue reading “Pop up pup pics – a photo session with a few doggos”

Rabbit Recon

For most of my life I’ve loved rabbits. Thanks to my awesome parents, our family even had two rabbits as pets kept in an outdoor pen when I was in middle school. Actually now that I type it out, how ironic that we also had a pet beagle, the one breed that loves chasing rabbitsContinue reading “Rabbit Recon”