Rabbit Recon

For most of my life I’ve loved rabbits. Thanks to my awesome parents, our family even had two rabbits as pets kept in an outdoor pen when I was in middle school. Actually now that I type it out, how ironic that we also had a pet beagle, the one breed that loves chasing rabbitsContinue reading “Rabbit Recon”

Goose Eggs Update!

I got a text from my friend who lives next to the geese I’ve been writing about, and here is what she said… in all caps, so you know it’s important: That’s right, some of the eggs have hatched!! Two, to be exact. I quickly biked over with my camera because I just had toContinue reading “Goose Eggs Update!”

Gosling photos – April 2021

One of my friends has a million geese in her neighborhood and babies have been hatching, adding more cuteness to the situation over there. I have posted about them before, but here are a few more photos from a gaggle of 7 geese, 5 of which are babies. Check out the second to the lastContinue reading “Gosling photos – April 2021”

Canadian Goose Update

The adult geese that live near my friend’s apartment haven’t welcomed new babies (goslings) into the world yet, but the other day I rode my bike over to see if any eggs have cracked. Not yet! But another family of geese (a gaggle?) were zig-zagging around the small lake and grassy embankments, so here areContinue reading “Canadian Goose Update”