Toyota’s SUV commercial – The music and more!

Toyota has a new ad highlighting the capability of their SUVs in modern American life. In this ad, the SUVs are on pavement, gravel, and off-road trails and is there anywhere else you’d need an SUV? I think not! I guess Toyota thinks not, too. But having these big vehicles comes in clutch for anContinue reading “Toyota’s SUV commercial – The music and more!”

Rabbit Recon

For most of my life I’ve loved rabbits. Thanks to my awesome parents, our family even had two rabbits as pets kept in an outdoor pen when I was in middle school. Actually now that I type it out, how ironic that we also had a pet beagle, the one breed that loves chasing rabbitsContinue reading “Rabbit Recon”

An open letter to the Nashville family who recently lost their home

In my neighborhood a few days ago I came across a relatively new home that had the roof torn off, and everything inside was scattered about. Utterly destroyed, it was. I could tell a lot of effort went in to building this little home. I know what you’re thinking: it was a tornado, right? No,Continue reading “An open letter to the Nashville family who recently lost their home”

Volume 6: Balancing Doggy Instinct With Class.

This morning, being as pleasant as it was in Nashville, I took my dog for a walk. Before we made it out of the yard, she discovered some evidence of a rabbit in our yard. Not only did the evidence make it clear a rabbit had been there recently, it was enough evidence to suggestContinue reading “Volume 6: Balancing Doggy Instinct With Class.”