Truist TV ad features well-known song and Cruiser the dog

There’s a new ad out now from a bank called Truist. This bank is newly formed from a merger between SunTrust and BB&T. Both SunTrust and BB&T will be phased out until all that’s left is Truist, but of course that will take time. Until then, we will be seeing ads for Truist introducing usContinue reading “Truist TV ad features well-known song and Cruiser the dog”

Volume 5: Teaching Dog To Respond Favorably.

My dog is over a year old now. For whatever reason, OK, I was intimidated by the task, I never taught my dog to come to me when I call for her.After teaching basic commands like sit and shake, I mustered up the courage to overcome my fear of rejection or failure and teach her theContinue reading “Volume 5: Teaching Dog To Respond Favorably.”

Volume 4: Sharing Problems with Dog

Everything I learned about solving problems, I learned from my dog. Take a look at how the puppy in this video follows a simple step by step process on solving problems. There’s a simple formula clearly demonstrated in the video. In order to grasp how the beagle handled the above scenario, it’s necessary to breakContinue reading “Volume 4: Sharing Problems with Dog”

Volume 3: Sharing A Yard With Dog.

My beagle Piper likes to chase rabbits. I like to watch her chase rabbits. Sometimes I like to chase her. She likes to be chased. And this chasing is fun for us when it is fun for us. When I get home in the afternoon we may enjoy a good run around the yard. Not soContinue reading “Volume 3: Sharing A Yard With Dog.”

Volume 1: Sharing A House With Dog.

This morning I woke up to a dog staring at me. Or maybe I woke up because a dog was staring at me, and happily whimpering. My first thought was, “What?” but not a “How can I help you?” what. It was a “Is this really happening?” what. I quickly concluded that I must’ve accidentlyContinue reading “Volume 1: Sharing A House With Dog.”