I’m losing my faith in people.

The more people I meet, the more I love my dogs. I’ve heard this phrase over the years, and Carrie Underwood even has a song about it… My most recent experience that makes me love my dogs more was at a bank. I was second in line to deposit some cash and there was onlyContinue reading “I’m losing my faith in people.”

Truist TV ad features well-known song and Cruiser the dog

There’s a new ad out now from a bank called Truist. This bank is newly formed from a merger between SunTrust and BB&T. Both SunTrust and BB&T will be phased out until all that’s left is Truist, but of course that will take time. Until then, we will be seeing ads for Truist introducing usContinue reading “Truist TV ad features well-known song and Cruiser the dog”

3 different ways to use your stimulus money

Among all the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic is affecting bank accounts all across the country in the form of stimulus checks. Some folks have or will have a direct deposit while others, like me, have an actual old-fashioned check. Why I got a check when the IRS definitely has my account and routing numbersContinue reading “3 different ways to use your stimulus money”