Doggy doo on a stick

One of my dogs eats her own poop. I’ve written about it before so it’s not a subject I’m uncomfortable with. I mean, if she’s comfortable enough to eat poop, shouldn’t I be comfortable enough to talk about it? She’s my daughter after all, and I’m not ashamed of her! With that said, I’m not particularly fond of this habit of hers. She’s 8 years old and pretty much for her entire life I’ve tried to keep her from doing this horrid thing. But for 8 years, she’s done this horrid thing.

The other day I caught her in the act and I was determined to stop it. So what did I do? Something I’ve done a million times before: I got a stick to poke the poo and toss it over the fence.

That’s right, I poke the poo.

The only thing is, just like a million times before, I ended up just stabbing the poop balls because they wouldn’t stay on the stick. So now we’re left with poop that’s actually easier to eat than it was before!

Yep, I’ve smashed it all up into bite size pieces. Think of a potato that’s been turned into smashed potatoes. Just add butter and she could have a decent second or third meal going here.

All in all, I guess it does help keep the yard clean, so the next time I’m mowing I don’t step in a bunch of doggy doo. Maybe this is her way of earning her keep.

Oh goodness, should be thanking her?

-Out of the Wilderness


My dog won’t stop itching!

One of my dogs is either asleep, or itching. It’s been so frustrating trying to figure out the cause because she can’t tell me what’s going on with her! And it hasn’t been this way except for the past year or so. There are so many things that could be causing the irritable behavior and I’ve tried everything to help reduce her discomfort. Changing food. Changing protein sources. Vegetarian food. Adding honey. Zyrtec. Baths. Wiping her feet after being outdoors. Aversion. Diversion. This version. That version. Clapping when she itches. Apoquel. We had the best results from the Apoquel medicine but unfortunately, reviews and warnings downright scare me.

I’m pretty much at a loss now as to how to get her back to a comfortable place. Could it be something in the yard? The pesticides from the pest control service I started about a year ago? Dust in the house? And it still could be food related. I’m trying another idea today, switching her food out from dry food to canned food.¬†Fingers crossed that it helps!

If you have any home remedies that’ve worked, I’m all ears!

-Out of the Wilderness