Off the beaten path

I took the dogs out to a beautiful Nashville greenway and they loved it, of course. One of our favorite things is to venture off the course. Take a look at our adventure below. wpid-img_20150803_164851185.jpgI do wear a fanny pack full of dog treats and water. Hey, judge me if you want, or better yet… buy me one of these!
wpid-img_20150803_164826532.jpgWe ventured into a nearby creek.
wpid-img_20150803_165031200.jpg wpid-img_20150803_165220655.jpg wpid-img_20150803_165705711.jpg wpid-img_20150803_164757368.jpg
wpid-img_20150803_165252067.jpg wpid-img_20150803_170004473.jpg wpid-img_20150803_165702901.jpg wpid-img_20150803_165225325.jpg-Out of the Wilderness