Soaking up the rain and the sun… all in a weekend

Yesterday and today could not be more different. Both amazing in ways I made a point to appreciate. Saturday was rainy and cool. I love running in the rain so I took my running dog Asia to Percy Warner Park in west Nashville. Lots of slipping and sliding (me) and chasing squirrels (her) but we finishedContinue reading “Soaking up the rain and the sun… all in a weekend”

Please Tell Me This Is Normal. #10

I’m such a regular Samaritan. The other day I was driving northbound on the interstate when traffic slowed because of a recent car accident in the southbound lanes. I saw a car with severe rear-end damage. I saw 2 infant car-seats resting on the shoulder of the highway’s inside lane, close to the grassy median. I slowly drove byContinue reading “Please Tell Me This Is Normal. #10”

Hotel Reviews: The Signature at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada

I was in Las Vegas recently, and lodged in a hotel I haven’t been in before. Coming from the Venetian (where I’ve stayed a couple of times), this next hotel had big shoes to fill. We were in Tower 3 of The Signature at MGM Grand. This tower is the newest of the 3 towers, built withinContinue reading “Hotel Reviews: The Signature at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada”

Antique Geeks: My Adventures in Estate Sales

My friend Megan and I are self-proclaimed geeks. We’re part of Generation X which we fit into for the most part. But I was born two decades late because I love music and furniture from the 1960s and 1970s. Megan prefers the 1950s and 1980s. We both agree, though, the less expensive, the better soContinue reading “Antique Geeks: My Adventures in Estate Sales”