His bow

I was driving towards a rain storm the other day and as soon as I turned on to the highway ramp my eyes beheld the most vibrant rainbow I’ve ever seen. You know what they say, pictures don’t do it justice… but here are a few anyway.


It reminded me of the covenant between God and the earth, and mankind, talked about in the Bible (Genesis 9). This moment driving on the highway became worship as I admired the rainbow and the Creator of this art…. while listening to this song:

It was a moment, to say the least!

-Out of the Wilderness

Selfies on the Highway

I’m learning more and more every day that driving– just being able to sit behind the wheel, put it in gear, and go somewhere– is a privilege. I mean, think about it: we’re moving these thousand-pound machines around at hundreds of feet per second. Just guess how many things can go wrong at any given moment… I’d say at least 10! And then you have so many other people on the road with those same odds of something going wrong at any moment. Plus 16-year-olds are allowed to do this, too? It’s surprising there aren’t more accidents. I’m not surprised, though, that my car has quite a few dings, dents, and cracks. But as long as the damage is to the body of the car and not to my body, I consider that a win. I mean, isn’t one of the selling points of a car how well it protects against injury? I guess what I’m also saying is, with that in mind, it’s a privilege to drive and I don’t want to make it super easy to test out the safety features of my car by taking “selfies” while I’m cruising down the highway.

Please Tell Me This Is Normal. #10

I’m such a regular Samaritan. The other day I was driving northbound on the interstate when traffic slowed because of a recent car accident in the southbound lanes. I saw a car with severe rear-end damage. I saw 2 infant car-seats resting on the shoulder of the highway’s inside lane, close to the grassy median. I slowly drove by and rolled down my windows. I could feel sweat on my forehead. It was that hot outside. Then I saw another car. It was halfway between the north and southbound lanes, parked in the grass with the doors open. I knew it wasn’t involved in the accident. A man, the driver, was helping a woman as she crouched down to sit in the driver’s seat of his car. She was holding a small baby.

So this guy was in the northbound lanes, just like me. He saw the wrecked car, just like me. But then he did something to help the people that really had nowhere else to go.

There’s nothing regular about that!