An old soul or a spring chicken?

There are probably lots of tests out there you can take to find out how old you feel. Sometimes you are in your 20s and feel like an old soul. Sometimes you’re in your 60s and feel like a spring chicken. Well, this is how old I am. I’m “when you wake up ready forContinue reading “An old soul or a spring chicken?”

Beam me up, Scotty

This post isn’t actually about Star Trek at all. But what better title to use for an estate sale I went to recently? Any Scottish Terrier enthusiasts out there would have loved this sale. I bought a few things, and I consistently say (and heartily believe) you can find the oddest and most amazing thingsContinue reading “Beam me up, Scotty”

I Have an Etsy Site!

So I opened an Etsy store a few weeks ago. If you’re as interested as I am pumped, just click here. Or you can click here. Or you can go back and click the word Etsy in the first sentence. Lots of choices but they all bring you to the same place… which is here.Continue reading “I Have an Etsy Site!”

Please Tell Me This Is Normal. #7

I went for a jog today around lunch time. After I ran past this one lady, I thought, “She smells like an estate sale.” Not sure if I’m asking if I’m normal, or she is, but either way, I love estate sales. Especially the ones with old records, low prices, and extremely odd items, forContinue reading “Please Tell Me This Is Normal. #7”