My other car is a Sears bicycle

Last year at an estate sale I found the most coolest bicycle. I posted about it back then and now, February 2021, I have an update. She has new tubes and tires! Take a look at side by side pictures of the old tires (left) vs. the new tires (right). I have ridden it twiceContinue reading “My other car is a Sears bicycle”

An old soul or a spring chicken?

There are probably lots of tests out there you can take to find out how old you feel. Sometimes you are in your 20s and feel like an old soul. Sometimes you’re in your 60s and feel like a spring chicken. Well, this is how old I am. I’m “when you wake up ready forContinue reading “An old soul or a spring chicken?”

Music, movies, and the Chicago Au Pairs

It was one of those days where almost everything that happened was unplanned. You see, even though my typical schedule is all over the place, most of my days are relatively structured: wake up, be productive, eat lunch, walk the dogs, be productive again, eat dinner. But this particular day veered off that routine rightContinue reading “Music, movies, and the Chicago Au Pairs”