Free Spirit, part 2

If you missed my post yesterday showing a few “before” pictures of these fantastic bicycles from the 1970s, click here to catch up. OK, so these bikes have now had a little work done on them, not like in the Dolly Parton way, although the bikes DO have some big round things. Wow, when IContinue reading “Free Spirit, part 2”

Free Spirit

Hello and thanks for rolling by my blog today. If you’ve been here before you’re already aware of the stuff I peddle on this site: my personal stories of camping, recaps of a dates occasionally, photos of my pups, TV commercial research, but much like a retriever at the Westminster Dog Show, today’s post fitsContinue reading “Free Spirit”

My other car is a Sears bicycle

Last year at an estate sale I found the most coolest bicycle. I posted about it back then and now, February 2021, I have an update. She has new tubes and tires! Take a look at side by side pictures of the old tires (left) vs. the new tires (right). I have ridden it twiceContinue reading “My other car is a Sears bicycle”