I Have an Etsy Site!

So I opened an Etsy store a few weeks ago. If you’re as interested as I am pumped, just click here. Or you can click here. etsyOr you can go back and click the word Etsy in the first sentence. Lots of choices but they all bring you to the same place… which is here. I like that having an Etsy store (you can click here to check it out) combines the excitement of owning a business (without actually owning a business) with the adventure of treasure hunting! Most of my treasure hunts are actually called estate sales, but wow, the wide range of items you can find is as imaginative as you can think! You have to forget that your shopping through stuff a dead person/people left behind and just know this is what they would have wanted. I say that somewhat jokingly because every time I hear “that’s what they would’ve wanted,” I think, “I think they would’ve wanted to keep on living… I think. Or at least for you to cry more!” 0024But seriously, I do think they would have wanted to pass along these historic items to future generations. Here’s a recount of one of my estate escapades. And a recurring thought I have is that they just don’t make things like they used to. Yeah, I’m old. I tried getting on the Facebook the other day and was lost. A short break on an old wing back wrapped in an afghan brought my heart rate safely down. I’ve gotten off the point. The point is, I have an Etsy site. And I’m excited. Oh, and if you’re wondering, you can check it out here.

Or here.
-Out of the Wilderness


Kids These Days

“…the best part is that someone will always call you ‘young.’ You just might have to keep finding older and older people to do it.”

Back in 2009 I was known as “The Guy Who Runs Downtown With Boxes.” That’s not totally true. No one called me that. I called myself that. For a week. I bought some children’s items from Wal-Mart’s online site. They were cheap enough that I listed them on eBay in hopes of making a small profit. As the items–that’s what they were to me, just “items,”  if I let myself become emotionally connected, I’d start calling them “toys” then “awesome toys” then I’d probably keep them for myself–as they sold, I brought them to a nearby UPS store. And why walk to the store when I could run? Cut my travel time in half, really. I never thought I’d be that guy you see running around in jeans and a collared shirt, but there I went weaving through the crowds in downtown Nashville.

Kids see me and say, “Who’s that man running with a box?”

Older people see me and say, “Kids these days.”

I love old people. They make me feel young, and at the same time, they make me want to be old like them.