Drama with my favorite cereal

Have you ever found a particular food you like so much and then notice it disappearing from store shelves? And no I’m not talking about baby formula – thanks Joe! I’m finding empty shelves where Kashi Peanut Butter Crunch cereal used to be. This isn’t the first time a cereal has gone missing, though. IContinue reading “Drama with my favorite cereal”

Walmart’s clever “company” commercial – the music and the message

Walmart has an ad airing during the 2022 Winter Olympics and it’s all about company. Take a minute to check it out… The Music. The song backing this commercial is “Home Again” by Michael Kiwanuka. The song was released in 2012. You can find more about him and his music on Instagram @MichaelKiwanuka. The message.Continue reading “Walmart’s clever “company” commercial – the music and the message”

Home Depot’s Christmas commercial is quite jolly

If you come to my blog often, you know how much I enjoy writing about commercials. Typically what interests me is the music used as the soundtrack for the ads – like this one from L.L. Bean or this one from Chipotle. I haven’t written about Home Depot before. That is, until now. Check outContinue reading “Home Depot’s Christmas commercial is quite jolly”

Walmart’s New Holiday Ad – The Music, The Facial Expression Shopping, and More!

While kids are finishing off the last of their Halloween candy, Walmart has ushered in the Christmas season (no offense, Thanksgiving!) with a new commercial. Check out the festive ad here… Backing the holiday video clips is Etta James with “I Got You Babe.” Below is the full track. You probably already know this isContinue reading “Walmart’s New Holiday Ad – The Music, The Facial Expression Shopping, and More!”

Walmart’s New Summer TV Ad – The Music, and more!

Whatever you’re doing in your house, the music in this ad might just make you drop it and come listen! That’s what happened to me when I heard Little Richard “Get Down With It” playing as the soundtrack to this fun summer commercial. What a great song! Hearing it reminded me that I saw LittleContinue reading “Walmart’s New Summer TV Ad – The Music, and more!”