A life-threatening encounter at a state park!

I was recently camping at a Florida state park (check out my camping recaps here) and had a really quick, but scary moment that could’ve changed my life drastically. I’m just going to go ahead and say it was a Final Destination-y type experience. Maybe not quite “near death” but also not something I wantContinue reading “A life-threatening encounter at a state park!”

Adopting a third dog?

The other day I was jogging at a nearby greenway in Nashville. This particular stretch begins/ends near the Metro Animal Control office, so, as I’ve done before, I stopped in at the end of my run. I figured since I have time, why not drop by to say hi to the doggies. I strolled toContinue reading “Adopting a third dog?”

And I’m running again…

Today I pounded the pavement for a couple of miles, my first time to run since this pretty epic fail last week. I felt some familiar aches but overall I’m happy with how it went. The weather is warm and muggy, but cloud cover kept the sun from blazing down on me. I also likedContinue reading “And I’m running again…”

Soaking up the rain and the sun… all in a weekend

Yesterday and today could not be more different. Both amazing in ways I made a point to appreciate. Saturday was rainy and cool. I love running in the rain so I took my running dog Asia to Percy Warner Park in west Nashville. Lots of slipping and sliding (me) and chasing squirrels (her) but we finishedContinue reading “Soaking up the rain and the sun… all in a weekend”

Two Favorite Memories From Working Out In Downtown Nashville

1. I was downtown and went out on my lunch break to do a workout. Part of it included running around the Titans football stadium. On the last curve, I changed the routine and added in some box jumps on a nearby curb. Two younger guys were there and they approached me asking, “Do youContinue reading “Two Favorite Memories From Working Out In Downtown Nashville”