Adopting a third dog?

The other day I was jogging at a nearby greenway in Nashville. This particular stretch begins/ends near the Metro Animal Control office, so, as I’ve done before, I stopped in at the end of my run. I figured since I have time, why not drop by to say hi to the doggies. I strolled toContinue reading “Adopting a third dog?”

And I’m running again…

Today I pounded the pavement for a couple of miles, my first time to run since this pretty epic fail last week. I felt some familiar aches but overall I’m happy with how it went. The weather is warm and muggy, but cloud cover kept the sun from blazing down on me. I also likedContinue reading “And I’m running again…”

Jogging in what’s left of Hurricane Irma

I was about to title this The Art of Running in the Rain but I didn’t, for a couple of reasons: It’s too close to the title of a great book called The Art of Racing in the Rain* It’s not so much artistic as it is just keeping your head down and finishing Yesterday,Continue reading “Jogging in what’s left of Hurricane Irma”

Walking the abandoned Ravenwood Golf Course – Nashville, TN

Rain, rain, go away. This week in Nashville has been a tough one where the weather is concerned. Most city league sports were cancelled every day, standing water all over the place, and we haven’t seen the sun in 40 days! OK, it’s not the flood, but it’s been rainy and dreary for days. Today,Continue reading “Walking the abandoned Ravenwood Golf Course – Nashville, TN”

You can take the dog out of the wild, but…

We were walking, we were wagging our tails, everything was fine then BAM! I’m bleeding with poop in my hand. How did we get there so fast, you ask? Well, it happens when you have dogs. I took Piper and Asia to a nearby greenway, one of my favorites because it runs along Mill CreekContinue reading “You can take the dog out of the wild, but…”