Walking the abandoned Ravenwood Golf Course – Nashville, TN

Rain, rain, go away. This week in Nashville has been a tough one where the weather is concerned. Most city league sports were cancelled every day, standing water all over the place, and we haven’t seen the sun in 40 days! OK, it’s not the flood, but it’s been rainy and dreary for days. Today, though, the rain held off long enough for the dogs and me to go on an adventure to a greenway we haven’t been to yet.

Like a bridge over troubled water.

The hour-and-a-half walk started off superbly. It was very scenic, including a bridge, flowers, a little stream, and more.








Not all who wander are lost. That’s mostly true for us. We were wandering, we weren’t exactly lost, but I was starting to think we were Lost

, if you know what I mean. There weren’t smoke monsters, polar bears, or Evangeline Lilly (darn it!), but I stumbled upon an abandoned golf course and country club.









It was quite eerie being out there in the great wide open. Grass unkempt and wild. Animal carcasses along the paths. Nothing neat or tidy like typical country clubs that take pride in their visual appeal. The further we walked, the more alone I felt. It was like a scene out of every horror movie, including a guy I kept seeing, who was clearly an axe murderer. See if you notice him in the pic below.


If he runs, we run.

That is to say, the second this guy starts running towards us, we take off. I kept whispering it to psych myself up. I know I’d be the slowest out of the 3, dang it! Again, I wish I had 4 legs. But no, I’m sure this person was a nice fellow just out for a stroll, but then again, so was Jin. Except yeah, he was a contract killer.

Good… good… good… good di-rect-ions!

All in all, I think we missed a turn somewhere to stumble onto this deserted golf course, which made our adventure pretty exciting. Check out the gallery for more pictures. And Evangeline, if you’re reading this feel free to comment with your digits!

-Out of the Wilderness

10 signs that Christian guy is into you

10. He says he won’t marry you until Proposition 8 is supported by all 50 states.

9. His Facebook status is a direct quote from something you said in Bible study.

8. He sends his friend to talk to you, just so he can casually walk up and join the conversation.

7. He wants to light your unity candle, if you know what I mean.unity-candle-songs-wedding-hit6. He comments that you two fit together like praise and worship.

5. He’s not afraid to Tebow with you in public.

4. He tags you, and only you, in his Facebook note that reads, “If anyone wants to help me deliver food to the elderly Friday night, and then catch a movie, let me know.”

3. You tell him you’ve signed up for the Spring retreat and he says he did, too. Then you see him sign up for the Spring retreat.

*Take a quick break and check out a horrible date I had with a girl I was into, until this horrible date, that is 🙂

2. He says if you both were alive before the flood, he’d want to walk into the Ark with you.noah-mural-web

1. During the Lord’s Supper, he leans over and asks, “Want to top off this supper with some dessert?”