Beer after a workout? Michelob says yes in a recent commercial.

I’ve heard of beer at a softball game, beer while you’re watching sports, or someone going for a beer run… but is it a good idea to literally do a beer run? As in… drinking beer after a jog? Michelob Ultra says yes.

My first reaction was, “That’s dumb,” and I’ll admit I didn’t know that beer does have some value for a post run/workout. According to this article, it’s not all bad for your but you gotta keep the level of alcohol in the beer lower than 4%. I’ll stick with good ol’ H2O after exercising but I guess if the world’s ending and beer is the only choice, I’ll take a sip.

The Music. The soundtrack to this commercial is a song called “The Hardest Working Woman” by Martha High. The song sounds like it’s from the 1950s or 60s, but not so fast! It was released in 2016 on the album “Singing for the Good Times.”

Back to the commercial, the second woman was so slow that the other woman had enough time to go inside, grab a couple of beers, get drunk, text an ex, cry with regret, and be back in the driveway before her friend finished. Perhaps they should be less focused on the beer, hmmmmmmm?

Get back to the gym ladies!

Thanks for dropping in.

-Out of the Wilderness


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3 thoughts on “Beer after a workout? Michelob says yes in a recent commercial.

  1. I have been aware of Martha High for awhile now…she used to sing backup with James Brown. I’m glad her music is still being used, even if the commercial is one of those shake your head ones!

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