Using my car against a moccasin in Florida – dash cam video

The other day, I kinda ran over a moccasin. I kinda ran over a moccasin and kept going. The weird thing is… the moccasin kept going, too. A guy who was walking nearby said sometimes you need a heavier car. Um, WHAT??? A car should squish a snake every time. Or else, I’m gonna needContinue reading “Using my car against a moccasin in Florida – dash cam video”

That time I saw a snake

A few days ago I did an internet search for a snake as I was researching this Jeep commercial. Now, I don’t know if the internets are this advanced but not more than a day later I was walking at the dog park and saw this: I’ve heard stories of Alexa and other smart techContinue reading “That time I saw a snake”

Econ River Wilderness Area – Oviedo, Florida

While I was in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday, my nieces and I hiked around in the Econ River Wilderness area. We had so much fun checking out the wildlife, singing, dancing, and avoiding snakes. I was very surprised how quickly into the hike we lost the sound of civilization, though this park is soContinue reading “Econ River Wilderness Area – Oviedo, Florida”