Ladybugs are awfully prude these days

When I recently posted that I hadn’t had any dates with the ladies lately, I didn’t suspect I’d be swarmed a few days later with oodles of ladies. Ladybugs, that is! It was basically out of nowhere but come to find out this is the season for them… I guess? I don’t remember having anContinue reading “Ladybugs are awfully prude these days”

flowers, flyers, and a ferocious beagle

Breaking news: I have new guests in my backyard. The first picture here is a flower that I had no idea was even part of the makeup of my yard! A tiny bit of the backstory is that this area actually had a tree in it not too long ago till a storm blew itContinue reading “flowers, flyers, and a ferocious beagle”

just an assassin fly, no big deal

In all the mayhem that’s happened in 2020, the most recent being a simmering threat of murder hornets, I came across this fellow hanging out on my backyard fence. Oh, it’s just an assassin fly, no biggie! As you can see, staying true to his name, he’s recently assassinated another insect. These aren’t a threatContinue reading “just an assassin fly, no big deal”

well, ant that somethin’

Ants. Frustrating creatures when they’re INside your house. But OUTside, quite fascinating. I came across this little fella as the sun set a few evenings ago. I’m really loving taking close-up photos, if you haven’t noticed in my posts, lately. 🙂 Meet Andy the Ant. Thanks for stopping by! -Out of the Wilderness