Camping at Hardridge Creek near Abbeville, Alabama… Pictures — Part 1

If you’re going to camp at Hardridge Creek Campground situated right on the Georgia/Alabama line, there are quite a few camping sites with views of Walter F. George Lake. If you really want to be close to the water, though, you need to reserve a spot on the little peninsula where I camped for 2Continue reading “Camping at Hardridge Creek near Abbeville, Alabama… Pictures — Part 1”

well, ant that somethin’

Ants. Frustrating creatures when they’re INside your house. But OUTside, quite fascinating. I came across this little fella as the sun set a few evenings ago. I’m really loving taking close-up photos, if you haven’t noticed in my posts, lately. 🙂 Meet Andy the Ant. Thanks for stopping by! -Out of the Wilderness

Finding Common Ground With an Ant

Yesterday I was driving into town when, of all things unexpected, an ant fell from overhead onto my knee. I was on the interstate so of course, I had to maintain my composure. And anyway, it was just an ant. There have been a few times where out of nowhere a spider descended from theContinue reading “Finding Common Ground With an Ant”

Ants: The Musical

“And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people, maybe more People talking without speaking People hearing without listening.” Substitute “people” with “black ants” and you have my story. Not nearly as poetic as this Simon and Garfunkle hit, but it’s actually the sound of silence that’s so captivating with these little critters. TheyContinue reading “Ants: The Musical”