Another ultimate wasp battle!

The other day I wrote about something I did twice. It was a new door handle that I bought at an estate sale, months later dropped off at a thrift store, then a week later realized I needed it and had to buy it back. I’m not the only who has done this right? RIGHT???Continue reading “Another ultimate wasp battle!”

well, ant that somethin’

Ants. Frustrating creatures when they’re INside your house. But OUTside, quite fascinating. I came across this little fella as the sun set a few evenings ago. I’m really loving taking close-up photos, if you haven’t noticed in my posts, lately. 🙂 Meet Andy the Ant. Thanks for stopping by! -Out of the Wilderness

A terrifying moment in the shower

This terrifying scene played out over the weekend. My day had been choo-chooing along like any train that thinks it could. Until it was time for a visit to the shower fairy. I showered and everything, nothing out of the ordinary. I reached for my towel and began to dry off, still standing in theContinue reading “A terrifying moment in the shower”