Village Creek, Texas – Deer, Mosquitoes, and a Giant Spider

Texas doesn’t seem so far away from Florida, but I *think* that’s because I’ve been stopping to camp along the way. Recaps of my trips can be found on the Camping Stories page. Check it out! OK, so I spent 3 days in Village Creek State Park. The plan was to kayak, bike, and wellContinue reading “Village Creek, Texas – Deer, Mosquitoes, and a Giant Spider”

creatures of Bear Island

These were seen on Bear Island on Percy Priest Lake, southeast Nashville, Tennessee. I was very surprised by the variety of wildlife we saw while we hiked around the island. Thankfully no bears, I feel like that needs to be said! 🙂 A few things we didn’t snag a picture of that you might wantContinue reading “creatures of Bear Island”

2020 if it were a spider web

I stumbled upon this spider web the other day and thought it was fascinating through a lens at a very close range. As I post this today, I now think this complicated sticky mess is a very good example of 2020 so far. But not to get all philosophical, let’s just enjoy the artwork ofContinue reading “2020 if it were a spider web”

A terrifying moment in the shower

This terrifying scene played out over the weekend. My day had been choo-chooing along like any train that thinks it could. Until it was time for a visit to the shower fairy. I showered and everything, nothing out of the ordinary. I reached for my towel and began to dry off, still standing in theContinue reading “A terrifying moment in the shower”