All the single lady(bugs)

A few days ago I wrote about ladybugs swarming around my travel trailer home. It was crazy! Here’s the backstory. Dying to get into my house, they were! I mean that metaphorically, of course! No ladybugs were harmed in the writing on that last post, even with me vacuuming them up. You see, after theyContinue reading “All the single lady(bugs)”

Ladybugs are awfully prude these days

When I recently posted that I hadn’t had any dates with the ladies lately, I didn’t suspect I’d be swarmed a few days later with oodles of ladies. Ladybugs, that is! It was basically out of nowhere but come to find out this is the season for them… I guess? I don’t remember having anContinue reading “Ladybugs are awfully prude these days”