Can Wii Start Over?

Even new gaming systems, with their advanced graphics and global interactivity, still offer the one thing that everyone wants: a reset button. A chance to erase what just happened and do better.The first game system I had was the original Nintendo. My brother and I played Tecmo Bowl for hours and hours… then we’d go eat breakfast. There were other games but that one and Mario Brothers were our favorites. The Nintendo console only had 2 buttons: power and reset. The latter was used in 2 situations: when the game was frozen or when you were losing so bad and wanted to start over. The underlying idea here is that people love having another chance to do better and sometimes in real life, I find myself searching for the reset button. Like I’ve reached level 3 but continue making the same mistakes I made on level 1. Idiot! Now I’ve only got a little bit of strength left. I’ll never save the princess, so boop, hit reset and start again. Erasing the memory. Starting over. I wish it was that easy.

I’m about to get all spiritual now because the more I think about it, the more I believe Jesus can be the reset button. Look at the woman caught in adultery. Jesus basically hit the reset button for her. Same with guys that cheated in their jobs, people that had diseases or blindness, or even people that had it all together. Jesus offered them a chance to start over. And what’s just as cool as this, he also offers a way to regain strength when it’s low. It’s by having hope in him. He says we can soar on wings like eagles (kind of like Mario with the star that let you run through anything or jump really high, only cooler).

Isaiah 40:31 “…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Oh, another cool game was Excite Bike. Heck yes, I’d like to create my own race track! So when we feel like we just blew a big interview, a promising first date, or a chance to do whatever it is we wanted to do, just like an old Nintendo game, sometimes blowing it is exactly how to get things working again. We can learn from these mistakes. But the renewal, the second chance, the getting stronger part, that truly comes from Jesus. Then, like the skinny little boxer in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, we can keep going. Keep battling. Face our challenges, however big they are, and deliver the knockout punch. 

Sports, and Why Guys Like Them

Football. Baseball. Hockey. Basketball. Tennis. Soccer. Nascar. What do these sports have in common? There must be a winner. Of all the rules in all of sports (and let’s face it, in some sports there are way too many rules (yes I’m talking to you NFL)), requiring a winner is the single most attractive thing about sports. If you then connect this all-important rule to the male mind, it’s very easy to see why guys like sports. Because in a guy’s mind, there is order. There is a #1. There is a #2. There is a #3 and so on.Open up the passion for sports in a more broad fashion, and you’ll discover it’s more about competing than it is about the actual sport, though. My favorites to play are football and basketball. My favorite to watch is football. But my ultra favorite thing to do? Win. It can be pick-up basketball at the Y, it can be a 5K race or a race up the stairs. It can also be something as absurd as the Nashville Fantasy Bachelor League. Guys want to be #1. And when we can’t be, we cheer for a team we think can.

Lance Armstrong, Tour De France winner

A friend of mine is a self-proclaimed sports agnostic. He’s not against athletics, he’s not against athletes. But he is against those fanatics. If you’re interested, his thoughts on the subject are posted here. What I submit to him is the idea that sports should be viewed on a broader scale (like I mentioned, it’s more about competing).If my friend were to watch a football game the way he writes blogs, I think he may begin to understand. Yes, my friend is a writer. And before you say, “Well, no wonder the flower child doesn’t like sports! He’s one of those weirdo creative types,” you should know that he is an Alabama Crimson Tide fan as well (Now you have my permission to say it). His allegiance to Alabama is more for the sake of picking a side (Alabama or Auburn) than it is about actually liking the team, but hey, at least he’s aware that there are sides in that fight.When my friend writes, he spends time and energy making the delivery and presentation a top notch product. Why? It’s not so the reader will like it. It’s so the reader will like it more than anything else they read. When the Seattle Seahawks take the field against the New Orleans Saints they want to run the right plays and score points, but not just to play well. They want to win the game and be the best in the league. My friend writing to be the best and the Seahawks playing to be the best are the same thing.

Why guys likes sports can be summed up in four points.
Challenge. It’s exciting to push skills to the limit, and watch other people do the same.
Competition. An exciting way to measure talents, passions and skills.
Hitting. Guys like to hit things, or watch people hit things.
Hierarchy. There must be a #1. This idea is built into the male DNA. If you’re a guy, you are born with the desire to be king of the mountain, and have songs written about your halls.