Prescriptions Filled Daily

OK, my obsession with Dr. Mario is off the charts. Maybe because the temperature outside is too low to do anything useful so I’m inside more than usual? But just when I think I should seek help, I destroy another virus and my ranking goes up. And while I love Mario, I wouldn’t want himContinue reading “Prescriptions Filled Daily”

Can Wii Start Over?

Even new gaming systems, with their advanced graphics and global interactivity, still offer the one thing that everyone wants: a reset button. A chance to erase what just happened and do better.The first game system I had was the original Nintendo. My brother and I played Tecmo Bowl for hours and hours… then we’d goContinue reading “Can Wii Start Over?”

Spring Is Here!

The air is clean, the temperature is cool, the pollen is thick, and Spring is here!