72 Hours To Save The World… What Are You Waiting For??

“One thing, before I graduate… never let your fear decide your fate.”

Whether you’re starting the weekend doing what you love, going through the valley, stuck in a routine, excited about what’s around the next corner, tired, sleepy, worn out, energized, scared, angry, offended, offensive, unsure, regretful, happy, inspired, or hungry… your fate awaits you, so go make memories you’ll be sad to forget when you’re 80.

-Out of the Wilderness
(Lyrics are from “Kill Your Heroes” by AWOLNATION)
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Spring Is Here!

I recently noticed the leaves on the trees in my backyard.

Spring is here!

One tree has a bunch of spinny things that float down to the ground. Another has some tiny green leaves. This weekend I will mow my grass.

Spring is here!

Television stations are airing finales and cueing up the re-runs. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining overhead.

All this means one thing: Baseball is boring. And Spring is here!

Put down your Wii controllers and pick up a tennis racket. Turn off American Idol and go take a walk under the stars!

Spring is here…¬†and the NFL draft already happened!