Spooky Halloween photos

I thought it might be fun to put together some eerie images for the upcoming Halloween holiday. These are all montages of images I’ve taken in the past and I’m pretty happy with how they all turned out. Do any of them stand out to you for their spookiness? (Click on the image title andContinue reading “Spooky Halloween photos”

Bright and Colorful Fireworks Images

This post is slightly different because it will include a lot of pictures. Today’s content: fireworks! What better than fireworks on the 4th of July, right? On the southern shore of north Florida is “The Forgotten Coast,” a beautiful place to enjoy sand and sea. Well, last night here on the beach included a fewContinue reading “Bright and Colorful Fireworks Images”

Spring Is Here!

The air is clean, the temperature is cool, the pollen is thick, and Spring is here!