Cracker Jack Goes Full Feminist in New Commercial

I recently wrote about OREOs going gay in a new ad, and now Cracker Jack (a Frito-Lay/PepsiCo product) has joined in on the feminist messaging so prevalent in modern liberalism. Take a look… Besides the fact that the song in fact has nothing to do with males or females, apart from the lyrics referencing baseballContinue reading “Cracker Jack Goes Full Feminist in New Commercial”

I used to do this when I watched scary movies…

Whenever I watched scary movies as a kid and I was frightened, there were two things I did consistently to help me feel less scared. This will sound totally random, I’m sure, but please do leave a comment with how you coped with the fear in movies like Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, orContinue reading “I used to do this when I watched scary movies…”

It’s hot in Nashville, Tennessee – a general update

I made a promise to myself this past winter that when it got hot again, I wouldn’t complain. This commitment came because of how long winter seem to go on (and on and on and on…) so I was really trying to will the warmer days to get here. I guess it worked? Well, itContinue reading “It’s hot in Nashville, Tennessee – a general update”

Vanderbilt pitcher looks like Elvis Presley

My family and I got a kick out of watching the Vanderbilt baseball team in the World Series the other day. The games themselves were entertaining, with both Vandy and Mississippi State playing good ball (although they played good on separate days, making the scores rather lopsided). One thing we especially took notice of isContinue reading “Vanderbilt pitcher looks like Elvis Presley”

Little League dads tussle over pop fly hit to shallow outfield

Hoover, AL — This past weekend Little League athletes took the field for a cross county rivalry showcasing the talents of Allen’s Furniture Ferrets vs. Sew What Badgers. The Ferrets came into the game with 3 wins on the season, and only 1 loss. The Badgers haven’t faired as well, boasting only a single win,Continue reading “Little League dads tussle over pop fly hit to shallow outfield”