One reason “Big Bang” theory is bogus

I’m sure this is not the first time someone has suggested that the “big bang” (the theory, not the TV show) is scientifically ludicrous. Perhaps coming from my subconscious related to something I heard along the way, I had a thought cross my mind the other day. But first, let’s review what the big bangContinue reading “One reason “Big Bang” theory is bogus”

More about Doritos “Flat Matthew” Super Bowl Ad

I have a few thoughts right off the bat with this new ad from Doritos, but first check it out for yourself… I think it’s awesome how they were able to make Matthew McConaughey look like Flat Stanley. I have no idea how they did that from a production standpoint. Very cool. Music. Obviously usingContinue reading “More about Doritos “Flat Matthew” Super Bowl Ad”

2019 Ford Fusion – oh my!

I had a 2019 Ford Fusion for a rental car the other day and wow, was I impressed! I’m not a car guy, so I can’t really tell you about the technical aspects of the car, or what the longevity of this car is… like if it’ll break down after 50k miles, or if allContinue reading “2019 Ford Fusion – oh my!”

The Fiesta test drive, and advice on car searching

Hello and thanks for reading about this journey to find my next car! My Nissan Versa is swiftly nearing 200,000 miles so (I haven’t told her this yet) there will come a time when she’ll need to be retired, sent off to the Nissan nursing home where she can play shuffle board and eat supperContinue reading “The Fiesta test drive, and advice on car searching”