One reason “Big Bang” theory is bogus

I’m sure this is not the first time someone has suggested that the “big bang” (the theory, not the TV show) is scientifically ludicrous. Perhaps coming from my subconscious related to something I heard along the way, I had a thought cross my mind the other day. But first, let’s review what the big bangContinue reading “One reason “Big Bang” theory is bogus”

Giving people back their trash after they litter, part 2

I reacted before I even stopped to think, “Is it wise to do this?” Just like the last time someone littered in a McDonald’s drive through, I hopped out of my car when the driver of a pick-up truck, parked in the parking lot of McDonald’s, rolled down his window and tossed an entired McDonald’sContinue reading “Giving people back their trash after they litter, part 2”

Earth, another sign of Intelligent Design?

Can anyone name something that doesn’t break down and fail after a few months, or years? How about the earth? Let’s say it’s 3,000 years old (or as some believe, millions of years). In that time, it’s hosted how many humans and animals, billions and billions, and yet it is still functioning as it wasContinue reading “Earth, another sign of Intelligent Design?”

Killing things

I recently had to set up a mouse trap and to be quite honest, it was so hard to do. Not physically, but emotionally. For years I’ve thought, “Who am I to decide if this creature has to die today?” I know it’s just a tiny animal, but it’s a living thing that is justContinue reading “Killing things”

What if God is the sun?

“God is like the sun; you cannot always look at it, but without it you cannot look at anything else.” — G.K. Chesterton. First, I hope you read this with an open mind, especially if you’re a Christian like myself. Because it sounds a lot like pantheism to say God is the sun, but thatContinue reading “What if God is the sun?”