What if God is the sun?

“God is like the sun; you cannot always look at it, but without it you cannot look at anything else.” — G.K. Chesterton.
img_20170603_115600.jpgFirst, I hope you read this with an open mind, especially if you’re a Christian like myself. Because it sounds a lot like pantheism to say God is the sun, but that is not my intention at all. When I refer to God, I’m speaking of the God of the Universe, the one who created the sun actually 🙂 so take all of this as just a day dream that turned into a conversation with a good friend, and something I believe God is capable of doing if He so chose to.

OK, OK, on with it! I’m a big fan of endings with a twist. I still remember those wow moments in a couple of M. Night Shamayaya movies The Sixth Sense and The Village. I’ve also started watching Leverage and that show is great for having surprise endings. I guess I like the thrill of expecting one thing, but then something else totally out of the blue happens. Side note, I just watched Split (M. Night Shamyaha movie) and it’s pretty great, too! I recommend it.

img_20170603_114640.jpgA few months ago I was chatting with a friend. I’m not sure exactly how we came up with this notion, but what if God is the sun? What if, at the end of time when Jesus returns and order is restored, we have the biggest OMG moment as God says, “Hey y’all, hey Dolly… I’ve been here the whole time!” (Who doesn’t love Dolly Parton, right?)

Wouldn’t that be a crazy twist no one saw coming!? Sounds a little far-fetched, I know, but I do find it quite interesting how many attributes or characteristics of God actually align with the sun as we know it. Here are a few:

  • The Bible often refers to God as “light”/ the sun is light
  • God never sleeps or slumbers / the sun is always “on”
  • No one is able to look at Him / have you tried looking at the sun directly?
  • He’s everywhere all at once / on earth, the sun is kinda everywhere all at once (if reflecting off the moon counts?)
  • God is not bound by time / the same sun that shines on us also shined on dinosaurs
  • God feeds nature at the proper time / the necessity of sunlight for food to grow for humans, animals, fish, etc.

In Genesis 1 the story of creation goes that God created light, and later created the sun. So I totally get it, chances are God isn’t the sun. But maybe He dwells in the sun at times. Who knows. His ways are higher than ours, right? But these kinds of thoughts interest me very much. What does God do that would blow our minds if we knew it? What has He done in the past, or will do in the future, that will leave us in even more awe? In the future, will there be some kind of twist no one saw coming?

-Out of the Wilderness

20 reasons I was single in my 20s, plus a few more

During my senior year of high school, I started compiling a list of things I’d love to have in a mate. The list started with broad characteristics that were must-haves. Things like Christian, patient, good listener, thoughtful. Had the list stopped there, that would’ve been great. It’s smart to have some sort of criteria when seeking a friend for the end of the world. More specifically, a best friend to spend the rest of my life with. But the list didn’t end there. It went on. And on. And on. A total of 45 things I wrote down that defined who it was I was looking for. No prob. No prob? Yeah right… no wonder I’ve been single for so long!

I don’t think there’s ever been a woman on earth that could measure up to that list.

I might as well have created her from a computer, like these guys did. But Kelly LeBrock aside, this “perfect girl” isn’t out there. A girl I was dating years ago surmised that (and this is as we were breaking up) I’m looking for someone just like me. Mostly because of how and when it was presented, I became defensive. But she was right. Now comparing her comments to the list from high school, I’m about to blow your mind, so make sure you’re sitting down for this.

The list isn’t who I was looking for, the list is who I wanted to be.

Booya. Mic drop. You’ve been served. Insert any other overused phrase here. Even as I sit here typing I’m looking at this decades-old list and it’s blowing my mind. All these things I wrote down are either characteristics I already have, or ones I’m striving towards. If there were a girl out there that had all these qualities, I don’t think I’d fall in love with her. I think I’d be super jealous of her!

Then it makes sense that what I’m looking for in a mate now, now that I’m in my 30s and so much wiser and so much more mature, are much less specific. Less specific and not about me!

I look forward to finding this person. That is, if God’s ideas for me include a woman that can put up with a guy who made a list in high school of 45 things about her that’s really about him but at least he didn’t try to make her on a computer but maybe that was only because he didn’t know how because he was more into playing sports than computer programming.

-Out of the Wilderness

Where Church and Gay Intersect

I was at this intersection recently. Literally. Take a look at the pics below. As I jogged by during a lunch break, I thought it was somehow ironic that the street is divided, Gay one way, and Church the other. Seems quite relevent in America today. The issue of homosexuality is a hot topic, from the church’s stance, to the Defense of Marriage Act (started by Bill Clinton back in the 90s), to the US military.  

A few days after snapping the pictures below, I came across an interesting part of the Bible that seems to be just as relevent as the road intersection. The verses below, as I think about the ongoing discussion of gay rights, the goverment, and the church, this seems to hold some bearing on what God thinks. I know it’s more complex than this, but read this and feel free to comment below. 

There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

street sign1

street sign2

How Great Thou Art – Performance

POST UPDATE: Holly Tucker, a contestant on The Voice, recently performed “How Great Thou Art” on the show (link is below). Read on for the rest of this post about two other artists that have performed this song…

Carrie Underwood has not earned the one-name reference (ie. Elvis, Cher, Madonna, Britney, etc)… yet. But there’s no denying how good she is as a singer, performer, and an off-stage role model. She recently performed “How Great Thou Art” for a television special and her rendition of the song is drawing comparisons to Elvis’ performance of that song. I’ve conveniently included them in this post so you can draw your own conclusion. At the end of the day, they both win because they sing the song so well. When I watch Carrie’s, I think to myself, “This is what true worship is. It’s giving what you’re best at back to God and doing it with an undeniable passion.” It’s apparent she was singing for a larger audience than just the people in that auditorium, and I have a feeling there was a giant smile in Heaven for 5 minutes and 12 seconds. Didn’t hurt having Vince Gill on guitar and backup vocals either. She holds the last “thou art” for a solid 15 seconds, and it’s simply great. 

People say Elvis was the only Rock n’ Roller to include Gospel music in his concerts, and why not? He sang them so well. His version of “How Great Thou Art” is more Southern Gospel than Carrie’s version, but just as touching. Personally, I like Carrie’s better. Who’s do you like better? Why?

New Hope and Strong Threads

The sun rises on a flag flying
once torn, faded but still flying.
The storm came and whipped it around.
Still dripping from the night, but not backing down.

Emerging from the rumble
with breaks and bruises,
heartache and trouble
that nobody chooses.

Color restored, waving in the wind
watching my 11,786th day begin.

Strong threads and new hope.

She has my heart no more
than the breeze it takes from still to soar.
On her way to the seventh floor
like waves crashing on the shore,
the tide of something new.
The song I thought included her
but she’s not even in verse two.

A new future I see now.
What I thought not possible came true somehow.

A heart that’s free and a busy mind
inside a boy curious to find
all God has planned.

The one, the dream; I know she’s out there;
She’s got blonde or brown and long or short hair.

Ok, I don’t know who she is or where she is or what she does.
But soon her and him and I and she will become we and our and us.
We’ll get on the love bus.
We won’t cuss.
We might cuss.
We will trust.
We will definitely trust.

I love her already, I do know who she is.
Lover of all things good, a her that wants to be his.

I’ll be patient in waiting till the day we meet.
Till the sun sets on us at the beach.

The storms may come, let’s beat them instead.
Flying side by side with…
new hope and strong threads.

When You’re At Rock Bottom

Initially I wasn’t going to write about anything so personal. There’s a line between being honest with people and sharing too much information, right? For example:

Honest: Today I spent more money than I should of on something I only bought because I’m lonely.

Too Much Information: Today I found an armadillo on the side of the road and ….. well, did you enjoy dinner?

Honest: I was in an argument with a friend of mine, and I was wrong. I need to apologize.

Too Much Information: I was in an argument with a friend of mine because she thinks I need to take showers every day. I need to apologize for ever thinking she can be my friend again.

So yes, there’s an important line to be aware of. Personal hygiene, choice of roadkill dinner, keep that to myself. Noted. But on the way home from work recently I thought about a low point in my life. Those low points just plain suck. They’re not fun. They usually show no signs of being fixed. And if I’m out of it now, I’m barely out of it. Then today it finally made sense: In these low moments, that’s where the foundation is built. You don’t build a house with the roof first. It starts down in the dirt. Even below ground level. It’s messy and sometimes painful. But it’s rock solid and it holds strong.

So please be encouraged the same way I am, that when you feel like you’re at rock bottom, I hope you are. Because it could be part of something bigger happening, and it all starts at the foundation.