“Because He Lives” – unforgettable worship Easter 2020

Do any of y’all remember this song from the old hymnal days?  The song was written by Bill and Gloria Gaither back in the 70s. As a young child in the 80s, this song was part of my Baptist church upbringing. In fact, one church I attended would sing this song every Sunday to endContinue reading ““Because He Lives” – unforgettable worship Easter 2020″

Worship made worship better

Yesterday I arrived at church somewhat ready for worship. I guess that is to say, I was coming off a week where I think I made strides forward in my relationship with God, which still definitely includes a generous amount of grace from above in those moments I come up short of the target. IContinue reading “Worship made worship better”

How Great Thou Art – Performance

POST UPDATE: Holly Tucker, a contestant on The Voice, recently performed “How Great Thou Art” on the show (link is below). Read on for the rest of this post about two other artists that have performed this song… Carrie Underwood has not earned the one-name reference (ie. Elvis, Cher, Madonna, Britney, etc)… yet. But there’s no denyingContinue reading “How Great Thou Art – Performance”