Elvis the movie experience!

Good Luck Charm… Obviously it was expected that Tom Hanks would do a great job but I’ll just echo what everyone is saying… the acting was amazing. And all I can really say is, Austin Butler. Austin Butler. Austin Freakin’ Butler! He played Elvis and I’m not exaggerating when I say that, at times, I wasn’t sure if I was watching Austin or the real Elvis. He was THAT good.

It’s Now or Never… The movie’s been out for a few weeks so my parents and I watched it kind of late in the game. Soon, I’m sure it’ll be out of theaters and on its way to Netflix or Redbox or whatever. But even on a random Tuesday at noon, we could only get tickets in the front row. It was THAT crowded.

Suspicious Minds… Even as a big Elvis fan over the last few years, there was quite a lot of backstory that I hadn’t heard before, my favorite being everything that went into the ’68 Comeback Special. I won’t spoil anything but just the dynamics and suspicious minds surrounding that whole performance (and the lack of Christmas songs 😉 ) was really interesting to follow along with. I have a huge and whole new appreciation for “If I Can Dream,” as well. It was THAT powerful.

I had a few questions in yesterday’s post about the movie– what to expect, etc. Here are are the follow up answers….

1. Will it live up to the great reviews it’s been getting? And then some.

2. Will it include a few of my favorite Elvis songs, like “Tiger Man,” “Love Letters,” or “An American Trilogy”? The montage of music throughout the movie was simply amazing. “An American Trilogy” in the first few minutes, and “Tiger Man” as part of a scene later on. I didn’t hear “Love Letters” but now after seeing the movie, it wouldn’t have really fit anywhere.

3. The ’68 Comeback Special is one of my favorite performances. Will the movie capture it well? So, so, so, so, so, so, SO WELL.

Go see the movie. Especially while it’s still in theaters. Just get your tickets early so you aren’t stuck in the front row. 😉

-Out of the Wilderness


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