The most important thing in our world today

The other day as I was walking around the dog park with Piper and Asia another obvious, yet mind-blowing thought crossed my mind.

Think about it… almost every single thing we do is directly or almost directly because of gravity alone. Shoes? We want a comfortable pair because why? Because gravity is pulling us down and our feet hurt. Sleep? We want a soft or firm mattress based on how gravity is pulling our bodies into the mattress. How much we weigh, gym workouts, running up hills, car fuel consumption, weighted blankets for better sleep, how much almond milk is in a container (if measured in ounces), so much depends on gravity being the same day in and day out.

Can you think of anything in your life that isn’t related to gravity in any way? Comment below and I bet we can somehow related it back to our earth’s amazing magnet.

-Out of the Wilderness

Who decided how we tell time, anyway?

Who decided that a day is 24 hours? And who decided a would end and begin in the middle of the night? Why do 60 seconds make up a minute? Why not 100 or 63? What would happen if 48 hours made up one day? Would it still be recommended to brush our teeth twice a day? Now would it be 4 times a day? I’m trying to figure out which hygienist determined that, yes, your teeth will be happy and healthy if you brush them twice every 24 hours. Who knows that?

Candle-Timer2What if the world were spinning at half the speed it is now (500 mph vs. 1,000 mph)? It would get dark outside every 48 hours. What would the added daily meals be called? Would military time go all the way up to 4800 hours? 4759 then ticks over to the new midnight? Noon would still be noon, though, right? Would there only be 3.5 days in a week? Would college football be on Wednesday now? Or the middle of the night between Wednesday and Thursday (what used to be Saturday)? A 40-hour work week becomes an 80-hour work week?

Sundials are used to measure time, avail. on Amazon*

Gravity is only slightly affected by the earth’s daily rotation. So if the earth is spinning half as fast, does it have even less affect on gravity? How would our weight change when we stand on a scale? Would our electric bill be affected? I guess not since, while there is more daylight, there is also an equal amount of more darkness, right? Would it be more like living in Alaska, as they are known for having long days of sunlight and barely any darkness or mostly darkness with a couple hours of sunlight?

If we aren’t using military time, would there be four 12 O’Clocks each day?

Guy 1: Hey, I’ll meet you at the coffee shop at 12 O’Clock.

Guy 2: Which one? 

Guy 1: The one over on 5th Avenue.

Guy 2: No, which 12 O’Clock?

See what I mean? Guy 1 could’ve said 12 P.M. but what would P.M. even mean in that scenario? There would have to be A.M., P.M., and another set of x.M.s, right?

But what I really want to know is why I have to brush my teeth twice a day.

-Out of the Wilderness

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