Daylight Saving Time is a tech nightmare!

Stress! This whole “spring forward” really stressed me out this year. As we all know, it happened between a Saturday and Sunday, something like 2am or 3am we’re supposed to move our clocks ahead one hour. Doesn’t sound too difficult, right? Wrong! For starters, I love clocks so I have 7 in my home, notContinue reading “Daylight Saving Time is a tech nightmare!”

Who decided how we tell time, anyway?

Who decided that a day is 24 hours? And who decided a would end and begin in the middle of the night? Why do 60 seconds make up a minute? Why not 100 or 63? What would happen if 48 hours made up one day? Would it still be recommended to brush our teeth twiceContinue reading “Who decided how we tell time, anyway?”