When you’re a boss Quarterback

The other day I was watching the Tampa Bay Bucs, quarterbacked by Tom Brady. He’s known as the GOAT because of his many Super Bowl rings and his overall domination as a QB. Side note, it’s also really cool that he seems to be such a family man. After the game in his post gameContinue reading “When you’re a boss Quarterback”

The Brady Gronk T-Mobile ad you won’t see during the Super Bowl – more details!

I just happened to catch this ad on YouTube and for the first time, maybe EVER, I watched the entire ad without skipping ahead. It’s darn funny! Take a look. In a nutshell… the bad connection between the “former” teammates causes Tom to play another year, but in Tampa Bay, and forces Gronk out ofContinue reading “The Brady Gronk T-Mobile ad you won’t see during the Super Bowl – more details!”

Unlucky Fan Gets Seat Directly Behind Cardboard Cutouts

Tampa Bay, FL — Due to looser regulations on COVID-19, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been allowing 15% capacity in their stadium, much to the delight of lifelong Bucs fan Jason Treger. “This year has been a tough one. I lost my job. I might have to sell my house. All I wanted was toContinue reading “Unlucky Fan Gets Seat Directly Behind Cardboard Cutouts”