The Brady Gronk T-Mobile ad you won’t see during the Super Bowl – more details!

I just happened to catch this ad on YouTube and for the first time, maybe EVER, I watched the entire ad without skipping ahead. It’s darn funny! Take a look.

In a nutshell… the bad connection between the “former” teammates causes Tom to play another year, but in Tampa Bay, and forces Gronk out of retirement. I love this ad because it is self-deprecating humor on the part of Gronkowski, it’s really clever, and the biggest twist of fate is that they are both in the Super Bowl after just a year with the Bucs. Crazy stuff, right there.

The controversy… surrounding the ad is because this advertises T-Mobile, and that conflicts with the NFL’s deal with Verizon. So the ad will not be airing during the Super Bowl, and that’s too bad because it might have come away with the #1 favorite commercial trophy.

The possible movie reference… has been noted by viewers when Gronk asks his mother where his football pants are, much like Will Ferrell asking for meatloaf in Wedding Crashers. Great movie.

Humor from the GOAT… isn’t something we normally see. TB12 is serious, calculated, typically all business but the line at the end, “…and I’m not soft or weak either!” was a nice way to finish the ad with more laughs.

Tom Brady is wearing… a TB12 shirt in the ad. This is a brand he started in 2013. On their website, they sell fitness equipment, nutrition goods, and apparel.

The date in the ad… shows Brady announcing his move to Tampa Bay on March 17, 2020, but in reality the announcement was made on March 20th.

Did you notice anything else in the ad you’d like to share? Comment below!

-Out of the Wilderness

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