More about Tom MacDonald: rapper, producer, ….pro wrestler?

There’s Norm Macdonald, Vance McDonald, Ronald McDonald, Jimmy McDonald*, and now welcome to the stage…

Tom MacDonald!

Don’t know who he is? OK, until yesterday I didn’t either. I was researching which artists in iTunes All-Songs Top 10 have used the N-word — the answer is 2 of the 4, for sure — Morgan Wallen and Justin Bieber. Rounding out the artists dominating the top 10 spots are the aforementioned two, plus Olivia Rodrigo and Tom MacDonald.

Right, you might have noticed only 4 artists are in the top 10. That’s mostly because Morgan Wallen used the N-word recently and now a lot of his songs have risen to the top of this iTunes list, and the iTunes country chart. Peppered among the songs is one called “Fake Woke” by Tom MacDonald.

You see, I was wanting to put a post together pointing out that most of the artists on the iTunes list had used the N-word and they were somehow at the top of the chart. Morgan Wallen? Check. Justin Bieber? Check. After looking at a picture of Tom MacDonald and his tattoos, I was prepared to add a big ol’ check mark next to his name! That would leave innocent and young Olivia as the sole soul who’s not an a$$soul. Get it? Gosh, I’m funny.

But then it happened. I watched the “Fake Woke” video. If you think you’re ready, check it out.

This led to me spending 3,291 hours watching more of his videos. Turns out, he specifically and intentionally skipped over saying the N-word in one of his songs. Drats! That totally ruins the point I was going to make about artists topping the chart have all said the N-word and somehow… their songs are… not dropping… they’re… boosted? I don’t get the charts at all anymore. I thought it was about which executive at a label owed a favor or promised something to someone so they popped their artist up to #1 for a spell.

Oh wait, that’s award shows. My bad.

In Morgan Wallen’s case (for more on that click here), I think everyone’s surprised that it was the N-word that might ruin his career and not his mullet. But the real surprise is that his career might not be ruined at all, based on the charts which have a ton of his songs bunched up at the top. I wonder if the record labels are rejecting the dirty money coming in from this recent boost in sales, hmmm?

Morgan’s fans are loyal and –in opposition to what we’re hearing on the news and in all the statements from record labels, TV channels, music promoters, and fellow country artists– the “regular people” have their own thoughts about it all.

Wait, so normal every-day people might think differently from the news, entertainment, and social media celebrities??? This certainly cannot be. We’ve been told for years how to think and what to believe and who to boycott and who to praise. Duh, stop thinking for yourself people!

OK, back to Tom MacDonald. Talk about thinking for yourself. He raps with lyrics that would make Nancy Pelosi roll over in her grave (sorry, she just looks like she died 2 months ago, but doesn’t know it yet). I’m sure she’ll hate him for two reasons– he calls out liberal stupidity, and his last name has “Donald” in it.

Anywhos, I’ve heard a lot of cheesy “conservative” music, mainly just satirical songs but Tom’s is anything but corny. He actually sounds really good, don’t you think? I’m not sure where he came from or where he’s going but as of today, I’m a fan of Tom MacDonald. And Jimmy McDonald**.

Fun fact: Tom used to be a pro wrestler, according to this Facebook post from 2017. I can say from experience, body slams are disorienting, to say the least!

*Jimmy McDonald – a friend of mine who has no affiliation with this post, or any knowledge that this post has been posted by the poster– me.

**The same Jimmy McDonald as mentioned above – a great guy, and a great landlord back in the day.

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-Out of the Wilderness

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