Tom MacDonald’s Face, Neck, and Forehead Tattoos

There’s a new rapper disrupting the United States. His name is Tom MacDonald and he has a million tattoos. Here are a few, with links to the sources below each picture.

HOG under his bottom lip stands for “Hang Over Gang.” This is in reference to Tom’s fans. Under his right eye is “2nd Rodeo”…

Dollar signs on his eyelids. Also, his finger tattoos say “Only Fear Your Self”…


Emily and Floralee. Above his left eye is “Emily” and on his left scalp, “Floralee.” He and his sister have a great relationship, and he’s very grateful for her help in his life. She might be the “Emily” tribute in this tattoo. Floralee is still anyone’s guess.


Right arm tattoo. It’s upside down in this pic, but to read it correctly, it would say “Passion.”

screen grab from music video for Wannabe

Hollywood neck tattoo.

from music video for Wannabe

On this next one, you can see “2nd Rodeo” more clear, among many others like hooks on his shoulders, “misunderstood” and “kingdom” on his chest.

Right side of face and neck. “If Hip Hop’s Dead, I’m an Angel.”

via Tom’s Twitter

Arm poem. (image is flipped in order to read tattoo)

via Tom’s Twitter

Forehead tattoo. “Live and Die in a Dream”.

via Tom’s Twitter

Obviously there are a lot more, but this should be enough for today. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness

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