More about Tom MacDonald: rapper, producer, ….pro wrestler?

There’s Norm Macdonald, Vance McDonald, Ronald McDonald, Jimmy McDonald*, and now welcome to the stage… Tom MacDonald! Don’t know who he is? OK, until yesterday I didn’t either. I was researching which artists in iTunes All-Songs Top 10 have used the N-word — the answer is 2 of the 4, for sure — Morgan WallenContinue reading “More about Tom MacDonald: rapper, producer, ….pro wrestler?”

Tom MacDonald’s Face, Neck, and Forehead Tattoos

There’s a new rapper disrupting the United States. His name is Tom MacDonald and he has a million tattoos. Here are a few, with links to the sources below each picture. HOG under his bottom lip stands for “Hang Over Gang.” This is in reference to Tom’s fans. Under his right eye is “2nd Rodeo”…Continue reading “Tom MacDonald’s Face, Neck, and Forehead Tattoos”