The Bachelorette- something I liked about Tayshia Adams

Say what you want about Tayshia Adams taking over the Bachelorette when Clare went ga-ga over Dale and swiftly left the show… with Dale… (and most people LOVE Tayshia), I noticed one of her Bachelorette habits that I really liked. If you’re not familiar with the show, one thing they do is have group dates. This is where the Bachelorette goes on a date with a handful of guys. At the end of this date it’s expected that there will be one rose handed out which guarantees the person receiving it stays around for another week.

Usually there is a moment where the person gets the rose then meanders around to find the one contestant they want to give it to. With Tayshia in this situation, she did just that but before giving the rose to one guy, she would single out a few of them and say really positive things about her time with them. She complimented them and built them up and then would give the rose to one of them. I think that sort of approach probably had a great affect on the morale of the guys individually and as a group.

Break it to me gently, as the song goes. At least it wasn’t a blow to all the other guys when just one got the group date rose. There were compliments given and I think even for the guys not getting the rose, this softened the edge of not getting the rose.

I like the idea of being complimentary like she was in these situations. I’ve already incorporated a similar thing in my own world, and I will try to do it more and more as I have the opportunity. However, I will never be auditioning for the show.

Do you think her attempt at building the guys up can apply and have benefits in the real world? Chime in below with your comments!

-Out of the Wilderness

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