Chipotle Commercial featuring Coldplay song “Fix You”

If you’ve seen this ad already, you know Chipotle is behind the commercial this fall/winter that will tug your heartstrings. Take a look at the ad which is over 2 minutes long… The song is performed by Kacey Musgraves. You can see a behind the scenes video below. This song was originally released by Coldplay.Continue reading “Chipotle Commercial featuring Coldplay song “Fix You””

10 signs your church is trendy

Thought I’d post a lighthearted list of signs your church might fall on the side of super trendy, hipstery, and/or cool. Have a laugh, and feel free to add your additions in the comments below – Out of the Wilderness 10 Signs Your Church is Trendy Forget hymns or anything by Hillsong. The worship teamContinue reading “10 signs your church is trendy”