Another Visit California Commercial – The Music and More!

California REALLY wants people to come visit itself. There are a handful of commercials saying such, like this dream sequence featuring stars from the state. A recent ad shows kids and parents (not surprisingly, the ad is called “Kids and Parents”) having big fun, as Claire Huxtable would say. But this isn’t Vanessa having bigContinue reading “Another Visit California Commercial – The Music and More!”

Not as good as I remember it

Is there something from your past that doesn’t live up to it’s memory? For me, it’s typically music or movies. Pretty much any 90s song is now labeled as a “90s song” because it has a certain sound to it, right? But back then you’d think music couldn’t get any better. Let’s face it, aContinue reading “Not as good as I remember it”

No Escape movie review, no spoilers

I’ll start by saying this post has absolutely no spoilers about the movie. With that said, the movie was so good that I want to tell you all about it! But I’ll refrain. Now, you may be doubting Owen Wilson‘s ability to act in an action/thriller, I may not be able to change your mind usingContinue reading “No Escape movie review, no spoilers”

Four Days of Vacation: A Thanksgiving Story

I drove down to Florida Wednesday afternoon to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I’ve realized over the past few years that usually my “vacations” are always fun, but more exhausting than my “real life.” This trip was no exception. Here’s my family. At first I was worried about traffic because the day before Thanksgiving isContinue reading “Four Days of Vacation: A Thanksgiving Story”