Salt -N- Pepa “Shoop”…great song from the 1990s

OK, this is going WAY back but for those of you who haven’t heard (or listened to it in a while), take a few minutes to admire “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa, released 28 years ago (1993). I heard it recently on SiriusXM’s 90s Channel and was reminded how fun and twisty turny the lyrics are. SoContinue reading “Salt -N- Pepa “Shoop”…great song from the 1990s”

Not as good as I remember it

Is there something from your past that doesn’t live up to it’s memory? For me, it’s typically music or movies. Pretty much any 90s song is now labeled as a “90s song” because it has a certain sound to it, right? But back then you’d think music couldn’t get any better. Let’s face it, aContinue reading “Not as good as I remember it”