President Trump: “Have a good life.”

These words from President Trump stood out to me during his farewell before boarding Air Force One this morning. Among other things, he addressed the crowd (and viewers watching on TV) saying, “Have a good life.” It reminds me a few things, in spite of what liberal NBC said afterwards, Savannah Guthrie repeating the encouragementContinue reading “President Trump: “Have a good life.””

The famous voices behind well-known TV ads

*Be sure to check out an updated list here* Honda – Fred Savage. Some time in early 2015 the well-known star of the 80s TV show “The Wonder Years” began his campaign as the voiceover guy for Honda. You can check out a long list of credits for Fred Savage in this article, and oneContinue reading “The famous voices behind well-known TV ads”

Not as good as I remember it

Is there something from your past that doesn’t live up to it’s memory? For me, it’s typically music or movies. Pretty much any 90s song is now labeled as a “90s song” because it has a certain sound to it, right? But back then you’d think music couldn’t get any better. Let’s face it, aContinue reading “Not as good as I remember it”

Jonathan Jackson on Boy Meets World

Every once in a while I come across some information that shakes me to my core. Here’s what it was recently… I watch the show Nashville, 1. Because I’m a good Nashvillian and 2. it’s a good show. I learned early in season 1 that Deacon Claybourne is played by Charles Esten. Might not ring aContinue reading “Jonathan Jackson on Boy Meets World”

Girl Meets World on TV

I was in college doing stuff like this (and studying, of course!) when “Boy Meets World” was still airing new episodes. For a show that started on TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday), it had surprisingly deep themes and storylines. And it was funny. Very funny. I’ve found myself quoting lines from the show even now,Continue reading “Girl Meets World on TV”